Small Victory

A Discerning Speakeasy

The Challenge

Carving out a niche for a secluded speakeasy in Austin’s flourishing bar scene.

Josh Loving is one of Austin’s most celebrated bartenders. With former stints at FINO, Jeffrey’s, and Josephine House (among others), Josh has attracted national press on multiple occassions. Before going on to become one of Playboy’s Top 50 bars in America, and Eater Austin’s Bar of the year in 2016, Josh worked with to build a brand that reflected the post-prohibition era roots of his cocktails, and a bit of the understated panache Josh has always been known for.

Our Solution

Learn the history.

We started by diving into Josh’s influences for both cocktail making and the space itself. Everything from WWII-era pins to the earliest 19th century cocktail books influenced our approach.

Balance the old and the new.

In creating the mark, color and typography systems for the brand, we focused on creating something as enigmatic as the space itself, which is on the second level of an old downtown Austin parking garage. Our goal was to create something referential to the past but memorable and distinctive. Just enough to want to know more.

Provide a digital touchstone with the goal of peaking interest, and nothing more.

The website acts in a not dissimilar way to the neon sign that hangs in the entry way. It tells visitors this is a bar and how to get there. It’s up to you whether you decide to venture in.


  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • Print and Environmental Design
  • Interior and Exterior Signage
  • Website Design & Development

Menu Illustrations & Design

Every touch, considered.

From menus and place cards to painted signage we carried the WWII era influences through with simplicity and charm.

Coaster Design

Interior Signage

Exterior Signage


Just enough to know it’s there, and open for business.

A responsive, mobile-ready experience gives prospective visitors the essential details, and a brief introduction to the brand. After all, there’s no substitute to going.

Interior Decoration and Visual Deisgn