A Fresh Take on the Juice Bar Experience

The Challenge

Embody simplicity, freshness and health through a ground-up visual identity, digital and in-store experience.

When Austin heavyweights Parkside Projects came to us with a new juice bar concept, many juice bars to date, especially in Austin, tended towards the more hippie or homegrown. Jugo was an intentional departure from these competitors, centered around the idea of simple and healthy juices, smoothies and grab ‘n go meals in a clean, modern environment. The group had plans for multiple locations in quick succession, as well as a long-term plan for integrated digital ordering solutions.

Our Solution

A fresh, playful, welcoming brand.

Jugo is focused on simplicity. The juices and smoothies don't have kitschy names – they're each just a list of the ingredients that go into the juicer or blender. We created a visual identity that highlighted these ingredients by illustrating them as flat, cutout shapes – inspired by Matisse's cutouts – and rendered in a playful pastel palette. This core brand pattern is complemented by a hand-rendered script logo and a subtly geometric type system.

Align concept, architecture, and identity.

From early concepting through opening day, we collaborated closely with project architects Michael Hsu Office of Architecture. We worked together to mirror the simple, clean approach to concept and space in the branding, environmental design, and packaging we created.

Extend the clean, simple experience to the web.

We created a web experience that leverages the typographic hierarchies and graphic elements of the brand, combined with subtle animations and generous white space, to echo the in-store experience in the digital sphere.


  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • Environmental & Experience Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Technology Consulting

Testing 7

Bright and fresh.

Our friendly, playful brand draws customers in and helps to create a welcoming environment.

Ordering Experience

Grab 'n Go Packaging

To-Go Cups

Digital Experience

Planning ahead.

With their expansion plans in mind, we worked with Parkside Projects to assess their technology needs – both for the first location and in planning for scale. We helped them choose and integrate an online ordering experience, knowing that fully-integrated group ordering, native apps, and integration of beacon technology were all considerations in the near future. We designed and developed the components of the site to allow for efficient and easy scaling as more locations came online.

Digital Experience